Monday, 28 May 2012
Day 23
Quick 10 mile hike into big bear in the morning for a Nero (near zero mile day). 7 of us got a lift from Grayson into the big bear lake hostel in his Oldsmobile. met up with hot wing and Sam and played horseshoes. My horseshoe ability has not improved. Ate lamb shanks at a Himalayan restaurant with washout. I was told in was the specialty but it was nothing compared to the shanks at cafe Istanbul in Wellington.

Day 24
Himalayan did not sit with washout and i well. Battled through the morning and Ate at the grizzly manor inn. Cactus couldn't finish his pancakes. The owner called him a sissyass. We hitched out to big bear city. We got a ride from Jim back to the trail in an old Austrian pensgauer military vehicle. He gave knees some oranges (see action shot of knees throwing a orange). Nugio, cactus, washout and i camped on mt and had a campfire.

Day 25
Walked 17 miles to deep creek. Hot wing and Sam got a hitch from the only car on a dirt road to get beers from the local town. We drank the beer and had a campfire. Lost my iPod.

Day 26
Hit mile 300, and had scrambled down a slope to have a celebratoy swim. Got to the deep creek hot springs and soaked and swam for the rest of the day. A yoga troup had hiked in for the day. Stayed the night.

Day 26
Found a golf ball and had a throwing competition with Hollywood, Matt and Phil in a dam causeway. Hollywood won the competition. Shepherd was doing some trail magic and I had a hot dog and wine for lunch. Saw a note on a trail marker above silver wood lake campground addressed to Dave telling him to walk down the road off the trail to the campground. Assuming this was me I ran down the road to receive some personalized trail magic. Turned out it wasn't for me and I walked into a Canadian police picnic. Got a beer under a bridge from blade and I shotgunned it. Shit was cash.

Day 27
Walked to cajon pass McDonald's. I ate a big Mac. Tasted the same as a new Zealand big Mac. Dip picked us up and took us to his house. He has a pool and ping pong. We swam and played ping pong. I shotgunned a beer. Shit was cash.

Day 28
Zero day at dips. Cactus gave me a gear shake down and got down to 15lb (and ~7 kg) without food and water. Worked out how to call home on my phone. Called home.

Day 29
Walked the 20 mile dry stretch up the hill in the heat. Got mild dehydration but felt ok after drinking some whiskey and eating my ravioli at the end of the day. Great view at sunrise of the hills we had walked through the past few days.

Day 30
Walked to the highway and hitched into wrightwood. Resupplied, drank a couple of pints and got a ride from sleeping bear back up to the highway at 530. Walked fast up to the top of Baden Powell (9399 ft) to solo camp for the night. Found a tree root to sleep beside to block the crazy wind. Slept very cold after shaking down most of my warm (useless?) gear at dips. Decided not to camp on peaks until I get some warm gear back.
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Too many days, not enough journal writing. I have to catch up on blog days fast so these are highlights. Too many stories, not enough time.

Day 18
Hiked with Merideth from Idylwild to fuller ridge. Majestic views. Met a day hiking pilot called hank. He gave me a groundsheet, food and told me he had killed a rattlesnake. He gave us so gello energy lollies - may have had bzp in them. Walked with swami from Australia. He has taken 5 days to get to my 18 day point! We talked about matt damon and lord of the rings. He hikes 40 miles a day -

Day 19
Trail Angels Murphy and dump truck slack packed us for the descent of fuller ridge. Saw 2 rattle snakes. Reached mile 200. Hitched to the casino with cactus and washout. Stayed in banning. Cactus couldn't finish his ice cream at the casino buffet.

Day 20
Trouble hitching back to the trail. Went to ziggy and the bears and had the hottest foot bath ever. Night hiked till 1am to white water creek.

Day 21
Got lost for 5 mins. 6 miles in crazy heat before 12 of us slept under a tree for 6 hrs. Too hot to talk or move. Quick miles in the afternoon and evening. Almost stepped on a snake at night.

Day 22
First dodge of the infamous poodle dog bush. The pattern of each day is hike eat sleep. Got to a cache with soda and cookies. Washout found bubble liquid and made fabulous bubbles.

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Monday, 21 May 2012
I have added a tab to the top of the page that links to my flickr account. You can see high res pictures i take with my camera, whereas the ones i usually post on the blogs are taken with my iphone.

Hope you enjoy,

Trip (mile 342)

PCT Photos

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Sunday, 20 May 2012
Mile 179. We all slept in and style, merideth, steve climber, jackass, molasses and i walked the mile into town just before midday for breakfast. I had another bacon cheeseburger and bottomless dr pepper. It was delicious. Merideth ate all her biscuits and gravy as well as another breakfast. Well done Merideth.

We talked to jackass about the different foods we should be eating on the trail. The best foods to eat are grains, dried fruit and good oils - not saturated fats. Complex carbohydrates are the best for long burning energy wheras sugars and fats shouldnt be eaten before a big climb. This advice hit home as I was eating almost the opposite types of foods and struggling with my energy levels. This was compounded when I went to the gear outfitter and weighed myself. I had lost 20 pounds in 179 miles. At that rate I will be -ve 46 pounds when I get to Canada. Obviously something had to change. I went to the harvest market organic grocer where detour's girlfriend Katie works. I got dried papaya and mango, some granola and tortillas as well as dehydrated beans for protein. I hope the change from my patented candy, soda and burger diet will help stem the weight loss and increase my energy.

I have been having a lot of problems with my feet and I changed to "super feet" insoles at kickoff. Theese insoles are hard orthotics and they have stopped my blisters. However, I have been getting increasingly intense pain in the whole sole of my foot as the orthotics reshape my foot. Its like the feeling when you are standing all day on a steel rack cutting kidneys at the meatworks, but then when you walk, someone decides to hit your foot with a large wooden mallet each time you step.

On a side note, my foot problems are nothing compared to some of the injuries other people are walking on every day without complaining. Half foot sized blisters and infected calluses are examples of these.

I decided to get some new shoes as my north face trail runners had lost all cushioning in the heel. I tried some size 12 shoes on and they felt snug. This surprised me as size 11 ist normal size. I tried on some size 13 montrail sabinos and they felt perfect. From what I can remember from the books I have read, your stretched feet do not shrink back. I'll be real god at swimming once I am done hiking. I will be flipper - king of the ocean.

After going to the grocer for a couple of last minute items I started talking to a couple of hikers outside. They had a familiar smell and appearance, however these turned out to be professional hikers, who wear sweatpants and have shopping trolleys instead of packs. I had a good chat to them about new Zealand beer. I told them to be on the lookout for double brown.

Griffin sang monty python songs and told bad jokes. It was a good night.

Day 17, 9th may. Idle in idyllwild

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I got up early to hike the last 3 miles to the highway. It was a 1 mile hitch to paradise cafe, a popular hangout for hikers. After unsuccessfully trying to help a couple of others get a hitch by showing some leg, i decided to start walking by myself so I could get there when the doors opened at 9am. After 100m or so I showed some leg to a passing car and I got a ride. His sister sells tacos in Auckland.

I had a good breakfast thanks to the generosity of u-haul. I ordered poached eggs which is apparently strange in America. Poached eggs are for sissys. I also had an American classic, biscuits and gravy. The biscuits are like buttermilk scones and the pork gravy is like congealed fat and flour. It tasted ok.

I stayed for lunch and had a bacon cheeseburger. If you get a soda it is a bottomless cup, so I had a gallon or so of mr pibb (coke vs pepsi is dr pepper to mr pibb). I felt like Forrest gimp when he met JFK, except I had no dignitaries to tell that I needed to pee.

I set out for idyllwild in the middle of the day which is not a great idea to do for uphill in the desert. I got 13 miles or so and camped with kip and kanji at a spot with an amazing night view of palm springs.

The next day was a lot of uphill in the mountains but it was a lot easier with a lot of shade, amazing views and a cool breeze. I was glad I did 13 miles the previous day as in was a hard 17 for me to get to saddle junction. Kip kanji and i found some snow and we filled up our bottles. We had an america vs japan vs nz snowball pitching contest. Japan won.

I caught up to Meredith and we walked the steep 3 mile devils slide trail into idyllwild. At the bottom of the trail we met jackass and detour who were waiting for molasses. They gave us a ride down the hill into town and detour offered us some floor space at his house. We took it.

Jackass is a gourmet chef and cooked the most amazing putenescca pasta for dinner. He made it from scratch and it included; tomatoes, BBQ roasted capsicum, olives, fennel, onions, garlic, zucchini and spiced sausage. No shit, it was the best pasta I have had in my life. I went to sleep happy to have the soft carpet under my back.
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Cactus, washout and I had a late start and headed off to the next water source which was a water tank above mikes place 4 miles up the trail. We were planning on only filling up our bottles and heading off, but section b told us to go down to mikes place.

Turns out there was a heap of other hikers sitting on his deck, there was also beer and food. After eating a phillipino feast, drinking a couple tecates and playing a few rounds of horseshoes, I decided I will call a day a nero (near zero miles) and camp there the night. U haul and i were beat soundly at my first ever game of horseshoes by cactus and anchorman. Mike made his famous BBQ grilled chicken which went well with a little Cuervo gold.

I got started the next morning at about 8am and pushed a good 9 miles before 1130. The day was getting pretty hot so we all slept under a tree for a whole. Cactus made a burrito with peanut butter, gummy bears, black pepper salami, goldfish crackers, honey and jalapeños. He said it didn't taste very good. The gummy bears were a similar texture to gristle.

I almost had an encounter with a snake later in the afternoon where he rattled at me when I was about 1 meter away from him. I rapidly back peddled to a safe distance for a few minutes and wrote a note for other hikers to watch out. I was just about to take a careful detour when Virgo came along wondering what i was doing. He threw a couple of stones near the snake and it slithered off slowly away from the trail. It was far more efficient that my method and I intend to adopt it in the future.

There was a big thunderstorm and whe had hail in the desert. It was pretty crazy walking with thunder and lightening all around. Virgo and i ate a mandarin each. I walked till About 10pm which made for a ~21 mile day.
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Friday, 18 May 2012
I have misplaced my gps tracker but I'm still making progress. Just hit mile 300 and had a swim to celebrate. More updates on adventures coming soon.


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Friday, 11 May 2012
We were lucky enough to get more trail magic in the morning with a breakfast from the Angels at barrel springs. I had a bagel with cream cheese and jam , as well as a hot coffee. I got the chance to slack pack the 9 miles to Warner springs as one of the angels said he would drive our packs there. Slack packing is where you get to walk with a day pack, whilst someone takes your bag to the final destination. This was great as my feet were in pain even after a good rest.

The trail wound through high desert scrub and rolling meadows most of the day which made for a really nice walk. We got more trail magic half way through the day at eagle rock where hamburger helper and sun dancer were handing out pb&j burritos and ice cold lemonade! I caught up to kip there and we hiked the rest of the day to Warner springs.

All hikers got hamburgers cooked for them at the community centre, and most of us went to the post office, and camped beside a steam. I had dinner with kip, style and steve climber. Kip and i talked about canoeing the mississippi and climbing a mountain.

We woke up late at 7am and had pancakes at the community centre. I sorted my postal stuff out and set off around 1pm. I caught up to u-haul (tigerpaw) and we walked 9 or so miles to a water source, a spring which ran an into a concrete trough. We talked about ore body genesis for about an hour. I seemed to do most of the talking.

I went to set up camp and cactus and warren arrived to have some dinner before do doing some night hiking. I thought i had a few miles in me so i tagged along with them. Warren walked first as he had the best headlamp, and i took the tail as cougar bait. We used our head lamps about half the time as the moon was so bright, however this didn't prevent warren from walking up several washouts disguised as the trail. His trail name is now washout. We cowboy camped in a granite boulder field after 4 miles or so. Cactus thought he saw cougar eyes up in the boulders above us. In my sleeping bag i felt like a human burrito.
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012
I got off to an early start at ~6am and hiked the 9 miles to the water cache. I walked most of the way with style, which kept my mind off my sore feet for a while as he walks at a good pace and likes to chat. I had a 2 hr lunch break at the 3rd gate water cache and met kip, who offered me some of his coffee he had just brewed. He had bought it back from a recent trip to india and it was delicious. He brews his coffee cowboy style like me where you just put the grounds into the pot, stir it a little, and let it settle. Beats blend 43 any day.

A water cache is a store of water that a trail angel voluntarily fills up to prevent hikers from having large dry stretches. This cache split up a 20 mile dry stretch that I would have had to carry water for! There must be over 100 1 gallon jugs in the cache so it boggles my mind how much time and effort goes into preventing the caches from going dry.

i had been having problems with my appetite over the last few days and unfortunately i could barely eat half of my mac'n'cheese for lunch. This worried me a little as I knew I needed the energy in my body. After almost vomiting trying to shove it down my throat, I buried the leftovers and set off. The first 4 miles were great and I made really good time. Unfortunately, the next 7 miles didn't go so well my feet were hurting really bad. I had recovered from my blisters but the whole base of my foot was sore and swollen. It feels like you have been standing on your feet all day, but rally bad. With increasingly intense foot pain i hobbled the to get into barrel springs (mile 101) at around 8pm. It was my longest day of walking yet with 21 miles.

Fortunately a team of trail angels had set up camp at barrel springs, had started a bonfire and bbqs and were cooking every hiker chilli dogs and vege burgers, as well as handing out cold beers and Gatorade. This blew my mind. I was planning to set up camp and fall asleep with no dinner, but instead I had my first ever chilli dog. When eating it, it made me wonder why chilli is not compulsory for all hot dogs. Plain hot dogs with no chilli may be banned if I were to one day become head of state. I shared my whiskey around with some other hikers and we all had a grand old time by the fire. A good end to one of my hardest days yet.

Day 10. The longest day yet

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Monday, 7 May 2012
I woke up with the rusting of other, more eager hikers packing up camp, and i reached for my water bottle with a failed groan realising i hadnt been sleeping on my roll mat all night. My skin had also stuck to the tarp floor and i also discovered i had been using my unzipped sleeping bag as a blanket all night. It was obvious that last night was a good night. The best thing was, i didnt have to leave till 3pm where little bug and squirrel would drop me back off at mile 58.

We all hung about chatting and napping all day until we had to leave as squirrel and Noah both had flights leaving. Annie also squeezed into the van and we headed off to drop me off on the trail. It was amazing to see the distance I had walked in just 4 days. It took considerably longer than I had expected to get to the trail head so we were all a little worried about the prospect of missing flights. I hope you guys made it! We hugged and took some photos and with even more nervous excitement than the first day, I hit the trail again at 4:30pm. It took 4 miles for me to recognize that my first trial of icebraker shorts + commando had failed, and I stopped to change. I continued on until sunset and set up my first time cowboy camping (sleeping under the stars). I heard a few coyote howls so had a cigar to make myself seem more burly to any stray coyotes. I slept happy knowing i had walked 9 miles hungover and beat little bug and squirrels monday hungover effort last year by 3 miles.

Day 8 - back on the trail

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I decided to spend an extra day at lake morena as squirrel and little bug told me there was a game called Edward 40 hands that I needed to play. As I want to experience as much of American culture as possible, I decided that I would stay an extra day to rest my legs and blisters. Edward 40 hands is where you get 2 40oz (1.25l) bottles of beer taped to your hands which you cannot remove without finishing. California rules state that; you can't spill any, you are allowed to puke at any time, and the person who keeps the bottles taped tho their hands the longest after finishing wins a consolation victory.

Edward scrumpy hands back home in nz had trained me well for this sport. As the mix of competitors was 3 guys and 3 girls, the girls Annie, Littlebug, and tick êtte decided to form a team and had matching tie dyed uniforms. We sat on the picnic table in front of the fire and started the race. Free fall started fast finishing his first bottle of malt liquor (9% beer) in less 10 minutes. I thought i was going a little slow so i quickly finished both for a time of 12 minutes or so. This is apparently fast so i was happy. Squirrel came in for second, free fall third, then little bug, tick êtte, and following up in a respectable time of 3hrs, Annie.

As everyone wanted the california consolation prize, we kept our bottles taped to our hands for a couple of hours, I was thirsty pretty soon after finishing so I grabbed another beer with a loose finger that I had wiggled out of the duct tape strapping. this was apparently a funny thing to do, and it was exclaimed that my name was now "Edward triple hands". Having not received a trail name yet, this name has been bestowed on me, and has been shortened to "trip". I was glad i bet the girls as last year the guy who got beaten by little bug was given the trail name "mangina". Virgo says that there is a new rule for 40 hands next year - "no kiwis".

Day 7, ADZPCTKO + 1

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The ADZPCTKO (annual day zero pct kick off) is an event which runs in late April for 2 days every year, and hosts anyone that is involved in the pct including, current thru hikers, section hikers, trail angels as well as people who have hiked the trail in previous years. This year I believe there were over 800 people. After arriving at the ADZPCTKO with Kristina and Louisa late on day 4, we registered and were given a campsite in the "youth area" which was about a 10 minute walk from the main camp site and has about 30 youths. Turns put this was the best place to camp as it had a bonfire, music and youths. I drank coors beer, which according to hotwing comes from Colorado. It tasted a bit like double brown, but wasn't the same.

I woke up a little worse for wear, so I downed a delicious cold microwaveable breakfast burrito and went to see the talks that were on that day. I went to; desert hiking techniques, hiking yoga, overuse injuries, and a talk about bears in northern cal. In the evening we watched a pct short film festival. virgo's trailer about his documentary on trail angels won. You can see it here I also ate a deep fried taco. I love America.

The party the next night was bigger as no one usually plans to hike the next day. So we had a large proportion of the non youths at the Bon fire. I met the trail angel Terry Anderson with an introduction of a swift grab to my testicles. She reminds me of my aunty glenys and we got on great. The ball grab is Terry's favorite wrestling move and apparently is the best way to meet new people.

I played night frisbee for a couple of hours and went to bed. Holden thought my English is so bad that when I try to say Dave, it sounds like knife. I don't believe this to be true.

On day 2 of kickoff I had a more relaxing day and got some new inner soles, a new tarp tent (about half the weight of my macpac tent), and a closed cell roll mat so I can cowboy camp under the stars in the desert. I am sending my other tent and mat ahead just in case I need it for the sierras.

We watched 2 films about the pct and played night frisbee with glow sticks that upchuck gave us to wear as targets. I had my first American cheeseburger and chocolate brownie.

Days 5-6, ADZPCTKO

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A few early risers woke me up as they walked past my camp on the ridge, and i finally packed up as tiger paw stopped to chat with me. Tiger paw had lived in taranaki a couple of years and we chatted about nz for a few miles to the next water source. Turns out i had left my sunglasses at camp so I quickly grabbed some water and hurried the next 6 miles in the desert heat to the highway.

After relaxing under the highway bridge for a bit, I hitched the 12 miles to Julian, an old gold mining town. The guy I got the hitch from dropped me off at the "miner's diner, where I had a cherry soda, a vanilla milkshake and a buffalo burger. The burger was actually made with real buffalo, and this was an experience for me as after watching dances with wolves in high school, I thought buffaloes were extinct. Turns out they are not, and are delicious.

I purchased some sunglasses, whiskey, bananas and a famous Julian apple pie and took the pie and bananas back to the bridge for the other hikers to eat. I left them with the leftover pie late afternoon and walked a few miles up the ridge and cowboy camped in a small wash. It was a fairly relaxed day and my feet felt ok after a short 12 miles.

Day 9

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012
I waited until the rain stopped before leaving camp so got out around 10 am. I wasn't to worried as I only had a short 12 mile day ahead of me before I would hitch back to lake morena for the ADZPCTKO (annual day zero pct kickoff). The whole day the wind was crazy, with bursts of cold rain like what I am used to when doing fieldwork in the southern alps back home. This made brushing my teeth an interesting experience as I have now learned the same rules for "pissing into the wind" apply to "spitting out toothpaste into the wind" The rain soon washed my rabid dog appearance and I made good miles in the cold weather. I walked past Kurt and jen, an American couple I met on day 1 and as I do with every southbound hiker, forced them to chat. They told me I was going the wrong way (good dad joke), and actually had me for a minute as all of the ridges and valleys I would usually navigate by we're covered in cloud. They got dropped off down the road and were hiking back to the store for a short day, so i talked them into coming to the kickoff as I explained it was a right of passage for pct hikers to experience it.

On the last 5 miles of the day the clouds parted and I had amazing views into rock faces graffitied with information about kevin (who apparently likes a certain part of the male anatomy) as well as amazing views into Mojave desert.

I scrambled up to the highway as soon as the trail came close to the road and stuck out my thumb for my first American hitch. While I was still locating myself on the map to explain where I wanted to go, a pickup pulled up and a guy called Randy gave me a ride to the main freeway. I only had to wait 2 minutes and he was the first car i saw on the road. Pretty good luck for a smelly hiker if you ask me. When I got to the freeway I only had to wait 5 minutes before the next car came and pulled over to take me to lake morena. It turned out the car had picked up the Germans Kristina and Louisa a mile or so up the road from where I was initially. I met the girls at scout and frodos, and had hiked with them for a bit on days 1 & 2. They had exclaimed to the driver that they knew me and made them pull over to pick me up! It definitely pays to have friends on this trail.

Day 4. Wind!

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I again set off last, but this time because I was waiting to unload my first desert brown with a little privacy. After shedding a pound or two I set off for another short 13 mile day. I continued to annoy southbound hikers and to my delight found a fellow geologist. Harvey is section hiking down to the kickoff with his mate Reece and it turns out he has done a lot of paleoseismology work in nz. He also mentored russ van dissen at humbolt state back in the day, who I met when helping Rach out with her wairarapa fault field work a few years ago. It surprises me how small the world is sometimes.

I hiked through the desert into the forest of mount laguna and saw a several cool desert lizards and a forest snake in the process.the snake was red with black and yellow stripes but is apparently not venemous.

I stopped by mt laguna store at mile 10 and met some thru hikers who did the pct last year. Quake offered me a beer and a chair and We drank outside the store and I listened to them chat about their times on the trail. As you are not allowed to drink in public in California we had to place our beers is conspicuous brown paper bags so the Sheriff would be none the wiser.

I resupplied at the store which for me consisted of a large 24oz (750ml) can of Budweiser, a pack of rasher bacon and some tortillas. I hiked a few more miles until a crazy storm set in which forced me to set up camp for the night. I cooked the bacon and made cheese and bacon burritos which were a party in my mouth when in combo with the excessively large beer.

It rained hard and the wind blew even harder (unbeknownst to me i was camping just beside a ridge) but my macpac micro light tent went pretty good, albeit with excessive condensation on the inside.

Day 3. Beer and bacon.

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I woke up feeling a little worse for wear after a long first day and hobbled out of camp, feet blistered and swollen at ~9am, the last one to leave. It was a lovely sunny desert day akin to the kalgoorle weather I have now become accustomed to. It took me a couple of miles to get into my stride and peter and Hamish surprisingly came up behind me, as they had left an hour or so before me in the morning. Turns out they had got some funky directions out of lake morena and had started to walk back up the hill towards the border. They only realized they were going the wrong way when they saw a conspicuous looking trail of mini marshmallows that Peter had been snacking on yesterday. This reminded me of hansel and grettel and i had a good laugh at their expense, and we continued to walk on.

We stopped when an American couple called us back to show us the large rattle snake that we had walked within a couple of feet of. We were told our meaty kiwi legs were safe as it was not coiled to strike, nor rattling, and was just waking up. A mile or so I stopped to take a photo on a small granite out crop when Hamish pointed to my feet and said something along the lines of what I imagined as "look at that large snake at your feet". I jumped a meter into the air and did a sort of dance sprint down the rock to put them between me and the snake. Turns out he said nothing of the sort, at all, and my acrobatics were for no reason but to entertain two kiwis hysterical in laughter. It was as bear grylls would say "a good morale boost".

I walked the rest of the day mostly by myself only to stop and soak my feet in each stream, and to annoy every southbound hiker by chatting to them about different topics, but mostlytab out how I am from new Zealand and not Australia. I had a well deserved desert siesta under a tree on a slope at mile 28 where I did not move from an exhausted starfish position with my pack still on, for about an hour or so.

I got to Fred canyon about 5pm, set up camp and talked to two Canadians Ian and Steve about bear tactics in northern california. The consensus is to play dead until they start chewing on you, in which case it would be a good idea to fight back before becoming bear poo. Never look a bear in the eye and never run from a bear - but apparently some people like to run and yell at a charging bear, like a scene in Braveheart, to confuse it into thinking you are the predator. I am leaning towards the first tactic.

Day 2, 24 April. Sun and snakes.

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