Posted by : Dave Murphy Friday, 11 May 2012

We were lucky enough to get more trail magic in the morning with a breakfast from the Angels at barrel springs. I had a bagel with cream cheese and jam , as well as a hot coffee. I got the chance to slack pack the 9 miles to Warner springs as one of the angels said he would drive our packs there. Slack packing is where you get to walk with a day pack, whilst someone takes your bag to the final destination. This was great as my feet were in pain even after a good rest.

The trail wound through high desert scrub and rolling meadows most of the day which made for a really nice walk. We got more trail magic half way through the day at eagle rock where hamburger helper and sun dancer were handing out pb&j burritos and ice cold lemonade! I caught up to kip there and we hiked the rest of the day to Warner springs.

All hikers got hamburgers cooked for them at the community centre, and most of us went to the post office, and camped beside a steam. I had dinner with kip, style and steve climber. Kip and i talked about canoeing the mississippi and climbing a mountain.

We woke up late at 7am and had pancakes at the community centre. I sorted my postal stuff out and set off around 1pm. I caught up to u-haul (tigerpaw) and we walked 9 or so miles to a water source, a spring which ran an into a concrete trough. We talked about ore body genesis for about an hour. I seemed to do most of the talking.

I went to set up camp and cactus and warren arrived to have some dinner before do doing some night hiking. I thought i had a few miles in me so i tagged along with them. Warren walked first as he had the best headlamp, and i took the tail as cougar bait. We used our head lamps about half the time as the moon was so bright, however this didn't prevent warren from walking up several washouts disguised as the trail. His trail name is now washout. We cowboy camped in a granite boulder field after 4 miles or so. Cactus thought he saw cougar eyes up in the boulders above us. In my sleeping bag i felt like a human burrito.

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  1. Your blog is the best. Human burrito made me spew out my coffee with a laugh. Let me know if you need any supplies or anything sent ahead.


  2. enjoying dads face when he reads the copies i take home.
    love Mum

  3. Might as well not hike at all if you're going to cheat.

    1. Thanks for your constructive comment anonamous internet tough guy. I'll be sure to think of you everytime I enjoy a good slack pack in the coming months.


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