Sunday, 21 October 2012
A week ago I finished the pct. In my weeklong celebration I have ignored the blog which shows that my previous excuse of "too busy hiking" was probably a lie. I finished at 3am on the 13th of October after hiking 36 miles in rain with Navi. The only day of rain I had in Washington and my longest day on the whole trail.

I am happy to have finished but am sad to be leaving such an amazing group of friends. People I will never forget.

I am in Victoria, Vancouver island currently and am planning on hiking the 75 mile West Coast Trail starting tomorrow or the next day. It may sound crazy but i still feel I need some more time to myself to reflect on the hike. I will hopefully be able to translate these reflections into words, and form those words into some blog posts.

Mile 2668 - Pct completed

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012
I am still alive. Washington has been amazing and we now have only 80 miles to go before we hit the border. The nights have become increasingly cold, streams and ponds are often frozen over when we wake up and we regularly walk on ice crystals on the trail that have grown overnight. Washington has been my favorite section of the trail and reminds me of new zealand a lot.

The scariest experience I have had on the trail happened on the side of mt Adams, where a forest fire jumped over the trail while I was on it. Hikers 3 hrs before me passed by the 2 week old fire with no problems but when I reached it, the trees to the left and right of the trail were on fire, and the view of the rest of the trail blocked by smoke and flames. I turned around and walked 6 miles back to a road. I was lucky enough to get a ride up a forestry road that evening back to the trail.

We have not had any rain in washington which has allowed a large group of us to push slacking to the limit, and finish about 2 weeks later than most peoples' original plans. We have soaked in the views and i have had a great time walking 20-25 miles a day with an amazing bunch of people. Our group has grown from 4 at its smallest in california, to 12 right now in Stehekin. Unfortunately cactus and extra credit had to get a move on to the border last week and hiked on while we had a zero day with 20ish hikers at the dinsmores hiker haven in skykomish. I started walking with cactus just after mile 100 and I am very sad I don't get to stand at border with him. Us remaining 12 slackers plan to hit the border in 4 days time and then slide on into manning park and Vancouver where we will celebrate for the last time together.

This trail has been the best thing I have done in my life - and I am sad to be finishing, but glad that my body will cease to be in constant pain. Canada ahoy!

I exist, and I'm almost there

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