Saturday, 23 March 2013

Over the last few weeks the good weather has meant I have had the chance to get a lot of dives in for training. I usually go out diving a few times a week for a couple of hours, which gives me enough time to get a good workout and a meal of seafood  – typically crayfish (nz rock lobster), butterfish, and paua (nz abalone). The Pacific Ocean will be a long way away come May so I am making the most of it now.

I went up the Hapuku River the other day for a quick overnight hike and tried out my new Cactus Ski Patrol Pack. I like the pack as it is durable (important for me as I am very hard on gear), has a good internal volume (45L), and a breathable, lightly padded mesh back. Once I make a few modifications to the external straps and pockets to give me easier access to water and camera gear, I think it will be perfect for the CDT.

My planning is getting into the final stages and I have selected my routes for the New Mexico portion. I will wait until I get on trial until I decide my final route choices for the last ¾ of the trail. I am sorting out my resupply points and will buy food in towns as much as possible, sending food to myself only when I need it. I lost 25kgs in the first 1000miles last year, and a lot of it was due to a poor diet. With help from fellow hikers, I found a system that works and didn’t lose any weight over the last 1500 miles. I will try to stick to grains, nuts, and olive oil as the base of my calorie intake. For dinners, I will have a starchy dehydrated meal with vegetables. Once I get on trail I think I will send myself ahead partial resupplies to supplement what I buy in towns - but that will be depend on what foods I start to crave and what I get sick of.

I heading out tomorrow to do a section of the Te Araroa trail, and with just under 1 month before I fly to the USA it’s about time I step up me training a little bit. It’ll be a good test for my new gear as and a good way to settle my itchy feet.

Training and Prep Update

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