Wednesday, 23 October 2013
I finished my CDT hike on the 5th of October walking to the border of USA/Canada on roads bordering Glacier National Park. The government shutdown forced us out of Glacier, where no one was allowed to enter the closed National Park. We entered the park legally on the 3rd of October with permission from a park ranger, but were extracted the next day under order from park service officials higher up the food chain. It was a different end to my hike than I could have ever expected, yet walking on roads did not dampen our spirits as we reached the CDT northern terminus monument (there are 3 of them).

I will be posting about my journey through Montana in the coming days as my decompression back into society winds up and I begin reflecting on my hike. It was an amazing 5 month journey and I think I am appreciating things more than ever before - more than anything; friendship, kindness and generosity. The people I have met and the friends I have made along the way have been the highlights of the trail for me.

I hiked the CDT to raise money for a new hospital in Kaikoura, so if you haven't already - please consider making a donation at

I have finished!

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